Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photo a day week 41

My goodness, only 11 weeks to go until the end of the yearPHOTO-A-DAY-41















1. So many wires with my new computer set-up

2. The flowers I see out the window from my office

3. Autumn trees by the river

4. Collecting a visitor at the inter-city bus station

5. The lady who I help in ‘computer buddy’ made me an apple pie

6. Getting my packing list done

7. Vaccinations up to date


humel said...

Gosh, that's right - it'll soon be Christmas!

The apple pie looks delicious :-)

Deb said...

How nice to receive a gift of a pie. :o) You may have mentioned before, Helena, but how do you plan to store your pages? I really admire how you have stuck with this project!