Friday, October 29, 2010

Bangladesh sights

My first impressions, from a week in Dhaka.  It is a big city with a huge population so there is always bustle.  Traffic jams are frequent and most drivers rely on their horn rather than traffic rules.  As well as packed buses there are engine and cycle rickshaws – all competing for road space. There are lots of building under construction, although many seem to have people camped out in the partly completed buildings.  There are also lots of trees and the place is very green and lush.


I’m enjoying the food – mostly what I would think of as Indian such as samosa, pakura, curries and lots of rice. And constant tea drinking. Bananas are also abundant as they are grown locally, most other fruit is imported – I was offered a choice of French or Australian apples. Many things are sold on the roadside – food, water, tea, roasted nuts, popcorn – I even saw candyfloss (cotton candy). 


humel said...

That's so interesting - through reading this I came to realise that I had a mental picture of Bangladesh, and that most of it was actually correct - I guess from televisual influences! My picture didn't include the greenery though :-)

Deb said...

This is a really cool post, Helena. I'm always impressed by your ability to combine travel and blogging and make it seem effortless!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome page and awesome photographs!!! So glad you're sharing the experience with us.