Sunday, October 3, 2010

photo a day week 39

The ongoing work on my flat, local events and the weather make up this week’s offerings.


1. assembling IKEA units

2. Doors Open Day – the view in Quartermile

3. Porty Autumn Fair

4. the tree at the end of the road

5. my crafting space is taking shape

6. driving over the Soutra was foggy

7. coming back it was clear and the turbines were visible


Elizabeth said...

I admire you for putting together an Ikea unit! As always, great photos.

Deb said...

I just put some IKEA stuff together myself. In fact, I have that same drawer unit as one end of my new sewing table. :o) Great minds think alike! xo

humel said...

I've put together many an Ikea unit! Can't wait to see the finished craft space xx