Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is my absolute minimum scrapping kit?

I’m living out of two suitcases and a box at the moment because all of my house stuff is in a container about to take a long seatrip. When deciding what I needed with me for four or so months I knew that I would have to do some scrapbooking to maintain metal and creative sanity.

The big and hard question was what to keep. I have some plain card, two pens, some brads and stickers, a stencil sheet and glue. The three ‘tools’ I decided I would most want to use are those in the photo:

  1. my fiskar paper trimmer (which I use so much I’ve worn away the measurement grid in bottom corner),

  2. my crop-a-dile l because I like eyelets and to make mini-albums on jumprings (love all the colours they come in now)

  3. and my tweezers because they make stickers so much easier to use.

And the tool I most miss?  my corner rounder punch

What would be in your minimum toolkit?


Sian said...

What a cool blog! looking forward to reading more in the future

scrappyjacky said...

Hi...came to you via Shimelle....and I agree about the paper trimmer.....completely essential...but I think I'd probably keep the corner punch as well!!! See you in class.

Jay said...

Oh difficult one, thank goodness I've never had to choose only three essentials.
1. Tweezers - false nails make them essential.
2. My x-cut spring loaded scissors - arthritis make them essential.
3 Double sided tape - just essential. I couldn't craft without it, I use miles of the stuff