Monday, October 26, 2009

blogging course with shimelle

What a coincidence. Monday last week I decided to start a creative blog and then on Friday when I was checking the scrapping blogs I read regularly there was shimelle offering an online course for blogging. Well I had to sign up. Looking forward to a mix of technological how to and creative inspiration plus forum with lots of like-minded people from across the world.

Course starts 3rd November – when I have several other projects starting so it will be busy – but that’s how I like it.

Got the pre-class handout today which included links for blog templates – looked though lots and was tempted but decided to stay with what I have now. I like that it is clean and simple and I hope I will learn how to do some tweaks.  Also had the graphic for the course whish is now on the left.

I don’t have a related photo but don’t like to see a post without photo so here is one I that I like that I took last week on my morning beach walk in Ohope, NZ.


Jan said...

Kia Ora fellow class mate. I saw from your intro that you live in NZ too (although going home) I am to an expat living in NZ (Cambridge). I also see that you did Cathy Z class too Snap.
Anyway thought I'd leave a comment after reading your blog. I am looking forward to this class.
Right chat soon scrappyjan (on the forum)

humel said...

Hi Helena, thanks for dropping by my blog - looking forward to seeing what else you do with yours! See you in class ;-)