Monday, October 19, 2009

What inspired me today?

In this wee notebook every evening I record one think that gave me a creative buzz and one happy moment. Each evening’s note takes no more than two lines.

I am not imposing any rules on myself about what I can write or what kind of creativity I mean. So far creative buzzes have referred to projects I am working on and those I’m planning; food combinations; quotes and ideas I’ve read and heard.

There are 31 doublespreads so one for each day of the month and I stenciled the date in the corner for each. Once I’ve done a month of entries I will get the added boost each evening of being reminded of what inspired me and made me happy the month before. I think there is space for eight months.

My sister told me that one of the successful approaches to being positive about life was an on-going daily note of one thing that made you happy that day. The idea is to use the same notebook for several years so that you read earlier entries from that day as an added boost. I was too impatient to wait a year for the boost so decided to try a monthly notebook. I added the creative inspiration because creativity is such an important part of what makes me happy.

· The notebook was a birthday gift from my folks this year – waiting in my ‘small books box’ for a good use.
· I love this stencil sheet for providing a consistent look. I thought about using stickers but it would use too many ‘1s’ and ‘2s’.
· The pen is STAEDLER triples fineliner. I use them a lot because they come in lots of great colours and the fine tip doesn’t splurge with use.

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Mary said...

Great idea for a journal Helena and the journal itself is gorgeous!