Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yeah for the gorillapod

I travel by myself most the time and I do sometimes want photos of more of me than my feet. I could ask someone passing to take my photo, but that would involve a total personality change, believe me. Knowing how reluctant I am to ask a passerby to take my photo, I make a point of asking anyone I pass taking photos if they would like one with them in it.

So I’m left with using the self-timer and a tripod. My camera has a very easy to use 10 second timer. It also has ‘recognize when face is added’ function that I haven’t tried. For my birthday this year my sister gave me the awesome gorillapod.

Why do I love the gorrilapod?

  • its is light and fits into my camera case

  • it is very stable on all surfaces

  • I can angle the camera, it does not need to be looking straight ahead

  • it can hang off things too

Really if you take photos a lot or know someone who does then add this to the gift list.


Amy said...

Oh my goodness I love all the feet shots. Super fun and cute. I want one of those tripod things too.


wow, i think i need one too
i can just imagine the difference in photo angles with one of those
thanks for sharing