Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday mail memo

A big sunny wave to you all on a blue sky Monday morning. 

The local yarn bombers have been busy with a lovely display of flower panels for Mother's Day and they have added some new pieces to the ones they displayed last year

lovely to see lots of people stopping to look at them and take photos.

I actually received an interesting package in the mail this week

a lego like set with a  base tile that can stick to the wall and clever pieces designed to allow you to construct hooks and a small shelf and also to make pictures - as shown on the packaging.  I backed this on Kickstarter as it looks both fun and useful

Hope you all have a great week with some blue skies


Maggie said...

I do love that yarn bomb. The shelf unit looks interesting. I look forward to a picture when it is in place.

Patio Postcards said...

I am liking the work of the yarn bombers, that floral pot is quite detailed. Neat lego set, looking forward to seeing some of your creations. Happy week ahead.

debs14 said...

Will we be seeing your first lego picture next Monday?!
Love that idea of the knitting displayed in public.

Alison said...

Have decided to catch up with some blog friends.....I do miss you all!
A lego shelf?!...I must tell my daughter about that...she and her partner are lego-daft!! Xx

Jane said...

my daughter loves her lego, will have to tell her about the shelf

Sian said...

Nifty shelf! You have a knack for finding cool projects to back on Kickstarter.

And yarn tempted to try some round here..

Wishing you a great week

Ruth said...

That crochet panel is lovely ... hooray for yarn bombers!

Karen said...

The yarn bombers outdid themselves! And what an interesting concept with "Legos," I hope you'll share what you come up with.