Saturday, March 4, 2017


Home again and caught up on sleep and unpacked. 

My last stop was to Hobart in Tasmania - the only Australian state I had not previously visited.  Pleased to see and smell  some familiar Australian gum trees (that smell evokes Australia for me)

The two things that I associate with Tasmania are fabulous produce and a sorry convict history and I sampled both in my short stay.

Sunday morning Hobart hosts a fabulous farmers' market where everything really is sold by the producers - I bought cherries fresh from the trees and had some local honey to take home and several tasty baked items.  I passed on the freshly bbqed octopus tentacles

I visited the site of the women convict 'factory' (what they called the places the convicts were held and put to work).  Half of all of the women convicts sent to Australia were sent to Tasmania.  The site shows the size of the yards and cells and has a growing collection of related items.  The stark walls were in total contrast to the beautiful setting and blue sky

An interesting city and very easy to navigate with its lovely harbour and grid layout.  Every day I of my visit there was a different massive cruise ship in the harbour - I've been interested on my travels to see so many cruise ships in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Hobart - clearly a boom industry.

and a fitting end to my travels - another wonderful sunset.


Lady Ella said...

Welcome home - glad you had a safe and happy trip.
Great pics and I'm liking having them larger. DId you see a Tasmanian Devil?

Patio Postcards said...

Yes welcome home. Another interesting post about your travels. The women's prison is quite sad looking. Being surrounded by such bare walls & beautiful sky, I wonder if it made them more penitent? Gorgeous sunset.

Karen said...

I've enjoyed sharing your holiday with you on the blog. That last photo is exceptional--- the silhouetted mountains such gorgeous colors in the sky! Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!

alexa said...

Glad to read you are home, and it's been an amazing trip - I've enjoyed following bits of it with you. What a contrast between that open sky and the solid stone ... We do terrible things to each other. But there is always the hope that we learn, are sorry and do what we can to repair. What a lovely warm evening sky!