Monday, March 20, 2017

Memo Monday - empty benches

A big wave to you all on the spring equinox - for the next six months we have more hours of  light than dark each day - sounds good to me.

I enjoyed a full afternoon of rugby on Saturday - 3 test matches in a row with plenty of drama.  End of the 6 nations for this year so now I have to wait a few months for more test matches but I will not be totally deprived as I've discovered that many of the super rugby games from NZ are available on YouTube within a few days of being played - there really seems to be no end to the treasures available there.

Over the weekend I was looking through my photos from my NZ trip, deciding on 6 to print big for my wall.  These are 2 that I chose - I do like to take photos of empty benches with a view

both are North Island beaches with fabulous soft sand.

Wishing you all a great week.


Patio Postcards said...

Those photos are fantastic. I too like empty benches with beautiful vistas to gaze upon. We do not get a lot of ruby coverage here but when we can watch NZ play we both stop for watch - amazing sport. Happy week ahead.

Maggie said...

That soft sand evokes the feeling of being there so much. There is nothing quite like looking back through photos to relive a lovely holiday.

Sian said...

We enjoyed the rugby-fest here over the weekend too. We even had the big Schools Cup match on St Patrick's afternoon : a brilliant excuse to knit and put our feet up.

Your photos are beautiful.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos! I remember the year benches were an item on a photo scavenger hunt; I had a whole collection by the end of the summer.

debs14 said...

Fabulous photos - I especially like the second one. Oh to be sitting on that bench right now!

alexa said...

Super photos ... I think I'd need a bench in front of them to sit and admire :).