Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Snap the apes

Last week I had another TV related adventure - you may remember that last year I was in the audience for the live recording of a favourite TV show.  Well this year I visited the site of a long running documentary that I discovered this year and have been avidly watching - Monkey World - the monkey and ape rescue centre.  Monkey World provides a haven for apes and monkeys that have been rescued from illegal smuggling, use as photographers' props and research labs.  They keep their apes in really big family groups in big enclosures.  All of the animals have names and through the TV series you learn about the back story of many and get to know their different personalities.  One of the TV channels in the UK has been showing all of the old series and after I stumbled upon them I was hooked.

This summer my sister was down in Dorset, near Monkey World so I flew down for 2 days so that we could spend a day at the park.  It was fabulous - the enclosures really are big and full of enrichment.  The apes and monkeys are free to move between their indoor spaces and outside and so can choose to be off in a corner away from the people or come up to the glass and interact.  We spotted many of the characters who we have come to know from the TV show and got to know other newer characters.  If you are a fan of the show I'd highly recommend a visit to the park - allow the whole day.

Here are just 4 of the photos I took - I only took pictures through glass or when the animals were high up so my sight line was over the fence.

If you follow the show - the top chimp is Carli, who used to be in a Turkish TV show - he was interacting with us - later someone showed him photos of other chimps on his phone and he was looking and shaking his head at some.  The top orang is Gordon.  The bottom chimp is in Butch's troupe but I don't know who he is and the bottom orang is in the nursery group.

Looking forward to seeing what caught your eye for a snap collection this week


Maggie said...

Goodness I have been trying to work out how many years it is since we took the children to Monkey World. Fifteen years? Must be time for another visit! Apes are such characters and I do have a particular affection for Orang Utans.

Ruth said...

What a fabulous place for a visit! I love apes/monkeys/chimps!

Barbara said...

I have seen Monkey World, how wonderful to visit and see them.

Karen said...

It sounds like wonderful show. I love to watch the monkeys when we're lucky enough to visit the zoo.

Sian said...

You're killing me here! First the Book Festival and now Monkey World! But i know you were thinking of us and I'm chuffed to bits..and the biggest of Monkey World fans will be too