Monday, August 8, 2016

Memorandum Monday serendipity

A big wave to you all and hoping you had a good weekend. 

The Fringe festival has started here so I've been out and about enjoying the creative buzz and wending through crowds and helping people looking lost / arguing with maps in hand and puzzled faces.  Edinburgh is a city that would really benefit from 3D maps as an easy looking route on paper can actually entail walking up and down a fairly steep hill and waht looks like a crossroads can actually be a bridge over another road 4 stories below.

My sampling of street food continued with a very tasty stir fry vegetables and noodles with two dumplings on top - I said yes to all the optional toppings

And a new thing ?  totally serendipitous and actually on Thursday - I was out for a walk alongside the water when I noticed a few people staring at the rocks just off shore, so of course I stopped to look too - and take a picture on my phone

can you see - there are seals.  The first time I've seen seals locally - the nature information boards list them alongside lots of birds but I've always been skeptical about actually seeing them this close to a big city. 

I've been using only the camera on my phone for the past 5 weeks but this is an example of the downside of this approach - the camera phone is fabulous for things you can get close to (walking closer as a zoom) but does not have any digital zoom so cannot cope with situations like this - and some research suggests there are no great zoom lens on the market - some good macro ones and fisheye ones but not distance zoom yet.  Anyone know of a solution?  Or I can just start carrying my camera again.

And you wanted to know what the items were in my collection of beach finds on Friday
they are all pottery of some sort - the beach where I picked these up has lots of worn brick and pieces of pottery from buildings that disintegrated into the sea.  As far as I can tell
1. part of a pipe - about 20cm diameter
2. it has a glossy glaze and is totally flat so I'm thinking a decorative tile
3. ridges on the back and a slight curve suggest part of a round dish with sides
4 I have no idea
5 more Bakelite than traditional pottery and from other pieces I saw on the beach from the same material it was something with raised semi-spheres and corresponding dimples

wishing you all a good week - I won't be round to visit until Wednesday


debs14 said...

How wonderful to see seals so close to home. I bet there's a lovely atmosphere up there at the moment, my boss goes to Edinburgh every year for all the shows and absolutely loves it. How nice to have it right on your doorstep.

Sian said...

Our man on the spot is actually here at the minute and is bemoaning the fact he is missing the amazing atmosphere. I'm sure you are a great obviously look friendly and approachable :)

Wishing you a good week

Susanne said...

I love street food in the summertime too - and yes to all the extra toppings for me too.

Maggie said...

Cameras on phones definitely have their down side. I am afraid I only use mine if I haven't got my camera and my camera and I are joined at the hip!

Miriam said...

I have been getting some good results on my phone recently, I do zoom in once the picture is on my computer though but I fear your shot may be too far away. How wonderful to have seen them though.

Great to see your stones again and learn a little more about them. I would love to hold them, they look so smooth.