Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday memorandum at the book festival

Big wave to you all after another busy weekend enjoying all the bustle of Edinburgh in August.  As you will have seen here I am a big fan of the Fringe festival that takes over the city every summer. But I have not sampled the other festivals that take place at the same time and thought I should rectify this omission. 

So this year I went to the book festival for the first time - it is so different from the Fringe which is big and noisy and takes over every conceivable performance space.  The book festival is contained within one big grassy square in town - it is flat, has plenty of seats - including in the queue, the atmosphere is quietly excited.  There is even a cafe inside the big bookshop that is erected on site

I arrived in plenty of time for the talk so that I could have a nosey around and enjoy a coffee and read a bit.  I was rather hesitant in pulling out my kindle when so many people were reading actual paper books but I spotted a couple reading theirs so I sat near them and then another lady came over and sat nearby and took out hers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and reading from Ken McLeod whose scifi books I thoroughly enjoy too.  He explained how he came up with the key concepts in his latest trilogy and read extracts from the 1st book and, as a special treat, a piece from the 3rd which he is currently writing.  I have a ticket for another local author who I enjoy reading - Chris Brookmyre - for next weekend.  I will definitely be adding the book festival to my August programme in the future.

And my tasting adventures continue.  Outside one of the popular venues we had spotted a stall offering 'adult ice-cream' so had to investigate.  Each flavour contains alcohol

I chose Oreos over Dublin and it was delicious.

Wishing you all a good week.


debs14 said...

How interesting, I'm pleased you weren't thrown out for reading a kindle!
I think I'd have gone for the strawberry and Hendricks sorbet, I've never heard of those flavours before.

Barbara said...

A book festival sounds wonderful. I always call my kindle my pile of books!

Karen said...

I know I'd love a book festival, and although I love my Kindle, I enjoy reading the paper versions as well--usually from the library since I don't need any more books on my shelves.

Maggie said...

Adult ice creams sound a good idea . My first thought was for the Oreos over Dublin but then I spotted the Victorian strawberry....

Cheri said...

I would LOVE a book festival! how fun! We left Edinburgh just before the fringe festival, but did enjoy our two days there. And I survived the hike up Arthur's Seat! Between the castle and Arthur's seat, I walked 12 miles that day.

Sian said...

I think you can probably guess how much I would love to be in Edinburgh for the Book Festival! It sounds wonderful and I'm glad you were able to enjoy it with the added benefit of icecream