Friday, November 6, 2015

October was


October was visually definitely autumn with lovely low light and lots of colour in leaves and berries and hips.

October was milder than it often is and early on no rain or wind which was nice and meant that there were times to sit on the wall by the beach even though I was wearing boots and a scarf


October was full of rugby and getting used to short hair and lots of apples – all of which I’ve shared on Mondays.

October was a busy crochet month – good progress on my big project I can’t share photos of yet plus some cute wee things for my craft groups Christmas stalls – a herd of baby guinea pigs completed


October was a good month of novels with some authors I know I like and finally reading The Martian which I’ve had on m shelf all year and finally read when I saw the movie trailers and I loved it.  The David Mitchell I enjoyed in the end but found the second story hard to connect to the first until I looked online to discover the overall structure of the book (annoying that it wasn’t obvious but an interesting structure in the end).


October was a month of thinking about some winter sun and booking a holiday and using google maps to investigate where I’ll be and how to walk to the supermarket, cafes and other interesting places.


Maggie said...

A busy month. It was certainly mild and full of sunshine down here. Unlike November so far....

Sian said...

I love what you did with that top picture.

Those guinea pigs will be big sellers, for sure

alexa said...

Your rows of guinea pigs have lots of wow! and aah! factor, and I am sure they'll be a great success :). I always enjoy your coastal views ...

Patio Postcards said...

I echo Sian's comment about your October embedded into the wall of your first photo - cool! I am now #5 in the wait list for The Martian, I want to read before I see the movie.

Miriam said...

The guinea pigs are so cute they are sure to scuttle off the sale table. Ive stopped reading again! Must try harder. Can't wait to know where you will holiday.

Sandie said...

A busy month and like Sian I love the top photo. Did you photoshop the month onto the wall?
Love the guinea pigs, you have been busy with your hook. I've been trying to learn new stitches, practice makes perfect I keep telling myself!
Booking a holiday sounds exciting. We all need something to look forward to now that the dark nights are drawing in and the sun is hiding more. Have a good November.

Anonymous said...

those guinea pigs are so cute!