Friday, November 27, 2015

missing pair and anteaters

Back at my computer and looking through my holiday photos.

Here is my missing photo pair – looking left and right from the path above one of the coves in town – taken with my tablet (because I hoped I’d then be able to load the photos onto blogger).  They were taken at the same time but the colour of the sky looks very different – I’m guessing because I was looking towards the sun when looking left.


And one other peep into my holiday shots – by popular demand – the anteaters

I first saw the big fringed tail of something big disappearing behind a bump in the landscape


as far as I could tell the tail is always displayed like that.

They were constantly on the move – I think there was food hidden in their enclosure – and this is the most complete photo I managed


there were several of them – here I got one head on and another walking across the background


and one of the them nicely stretched up the tree – I suspect looking for food rather than posing


They really were unexpected -  in how big they are and how small their head is and how a big hairy tail goes with a smooth muscled front and how fast they move around.

I’ll be sharing more photos of Tenerife over the coming week, as I organise them into stories.

Have a great weekend – lots of rain forecast here but not cold enough for it to be snow.


Louise H said...

Those anteaters are even stranger than I imagined. I really like your pairs photos two - they look like two completely different places though!

Miriam said...

What a weird creature. I had no real idea that they looked like this (apart from the nose) Great pictures though. Glad you had a good time, welcome back and just ignore the weather. I'm thinking that if I ignore it, it will go away!

Barbara said...

Interesting to see the anteaters, I didn't realise they had such small heads!

Patio Postcards said...

Those are magnificent beasts - weird but a strange beauty to them. WOW to see many live at one time.