Monday, November 30, 2015

me on Monday back home

a big wave to Sian and fellow Monday wavers and other blog visitors. 

It was a weekend of re acclimatising to several layers of clothing and total cloud cover and cold rain – quite a change from the blue skies of last week – here is one of the photos I’d hoped to use for my Monday wave last week – I was using my tablet on front camera but couldn’t see the screen due to sun glare so framing was potluck


This weekend started wrapped up in many layers to walk through town with several thousand others on the climate change march – interested to see the wide range of groups represented by banners – too wet to stay around for the speeches.

Saturday evening was a pleasant blend of friends and curries to celebrate the birthday of one of my crafting friends who recently went on a curry making workshop – very tasty.

Sunday marked another key stage in my big crochet project – it is looking great. 

Sunday also saw delighted response from my sister of the reindeer jar cover I made (plus chocolate puddles inside the jar)


Hoping you all have a good week – I’ll be starting on the mince pie consumption and putting up some decorations and getting to grips with cards.


Karen said...

Your framing turned out perfectly, and that reindeer is adorable! Hope you can hold on to the memories of warm temperatures and sunshine!

Maggie said...

Your selfie is a lot better than my efforts usually turn out!

Sian said...

It's looking good to me! It's great to see you home safe and sound and ready to grab Christmas with two hands by the sound of things. Mince're right..I need to get on that one..

The reindeer is brilliant. Another good fundraising idea? Have a great week!

Patio Postcards said...

Lovely photo of you & the Hibiscus. I like your reindeer jar cover, two gifts in one!

Barbara said...

The reindeer jar cover is cute, glad you enjoyed your holiday and are now adjusting to the layers of clothing.

Louise H said...

Beat you to it with the mince pies - I've eaten quite a few already! Loving the reindeer, he is delightful. Boo to such rotten weather ... the sun should have come back with you. Enjoy your week!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh that is a cute reindeer! We've got mince meat in the fridge - pies are planned for this weekend as we put up the tree and other decorations.

Susanne said...

With a very belated wave back - hi!! Your crocheted friend is just too cute.

Lizzy Hill said...

Waving from Sian's! Love the reindeer topper. Looks fabulous:) Sounds like a lovely weekend, apart from the weather:)