Friday, July 3, 2015

June was


June was nicely busy with outings and creative projects.

I laughed loudly at Spamalot and admired the male bodies and dramatic choreography at the ballet Car Man using the music from Carman. On TV I binged on the latest series of Orange is the New Black.

I worked on a nice range of crochet projects with two sizes of sensory sleeves and some baby guinea pigs.  Then towards the end of the month, as the sunshine and heat returned, I was inspired by magazine pictures of crochet autumn jumpers and started to plan colours for a striped jumper.  Creating the colour pegs really is helpful in planning the colour order – as well as making me feel like a professional crocheter.


Sunny weather in-between the rainy days meant that I was able to get out for walks with my camera and soak up some vitamin D and hunt for scavenger hunt items (7 captured).  I even managed some garden tidying as well as enjoying salad leaves from my garden several times each week and the first two tomatoes from my plants (inside). I’m a convert to kale salads and have been enjoying versions of this recipe using kale from my garden – I didn’t dig out the old plant so can still pick new leaves which work really well for the salad.

In my sign language class we prepared for out first assessment – I had to create a story about a deaf man in a hotel when the fire alarm goes off – a careful balance of telling a story, demonstrating my understanding of proper syntax and using the vocabulary that I have.  As we learn more we are realising how much more there is to learn about syntax and the difference between formal and informal signing (like the difference between received English and colloquial phrases).


But I still had time to finish the second Robin Hobbs trilogy and then wrench myself out of that imagined land to read 3 very different books.  I enjoy Karen Rose’s storytelling in her crime novels but find the level of violence uncomfortable to read too often.  Then I finally read the much talked about Kite Runner - I enjoyed the characters and narrative but it is not a happy book.  Perfect also held my attention with interesting characters dealing with hard situations.  I think I need some happy books this month!

Finally my favourite photo was taken on a sunny day when the firth had a scenic layer of fog and a lone boat provided a nice visual punctuation mark.



Sian said...

It sounds as if your sign language is really taking off. That's a complicated scenario!

The ballet sounds very intriguing. I think I'd like to see that.

And of course how else can I finish but by wishing you Happy Crochet-ing in July

Karen said...

I love a photo with lots of white space; this one's eerily beautiful. I read the Kite Runner years ago and some of the images in it are still with me. Perfect's on my "to read" list, but I'm not up for hard situations right now so I think it will stay on the list for the time being.

Jennifer Rose said...

The Kite Runner is def not a happy book, but one that stays with you for awhile after. Been on a classic scifi kick lately, which has made me realize how sexist a lot of the "classic" scifi is

Lady Ella said...

Looking forward to seeing progress on the jumper!
And wondering ... did you add the word "June" to the photo afterwards, or if not, how did you write it without getting blobs of sand all round the edges? :o) Either way, nice pic!

Prairie Jill said...

Sounds like a wonderful month! I love that last photo - very minimalist and moody.

Miriam said...

What a lovely month! Loving the colour pegs, such a great idea. Now, that sea scape is just wonderful! I'm going to put it on my desk top and look at it for the rest of the day x