Monday, July 6, 2015

me on Monday

a quiet, overcast and sometimes wet weekend – perfect for lots of crochet progress


each row is a new colour which is fun but means lots of ends so I am being good and sewing them in as I go.

It was also a weekend of visiting the monthly organic market in a gap in the rain; half watching (listening while I crochet) to the tennis; reading old sci-fi books; playing with photoshop; talking about what to see in the upcoming jazz and food festivals (2 separate events but a mash up sounds good to me)

and just ensuring I


[Lady Ella asked how I drew ‘June’ on the sand so neatly on the photo in my last post.  As you can see I can also draw on water – because I’m using photoshop magic – write the words, add a layer style of down bevel, copy the background photo and move it to the layer above the text then clip it to the text – honestly that will make sense to photoshop users]

Waving to you all, especially Sian who instigates the weekly wave, and hoping you have a great week – I’m sure I will as I’m popping down to London later this week – I’ll be seeing old friends and doing something that would be on my bucket list if I had one.


mandysea said...

Aaaah, you make me want to pick up a crochet hook!!! ANd your pic of the water and the cool cool effect of the font is fabulous!

Patio Postcards said...

I have yet to venture for my personal photos into photoshop, - lately there has been SO much technology learning at work I just cannot face anymore at home. Liking the writing on water (my mind flipped to a few walking on water ideas)Looking forward to seeing your crochet end results, I like the colours.

Sian said...

A trip to London sounds good :)

..and sewing in the ends as you go sounds like a very smart move. I'm still dealing with straggly Granny squares in between socks. Never again!

I hope your week is a great one

Jennifer Rose said...

there is a crochet technique were you don't end up with any ends to sew in at the end I need to try, its just trying to find the time to :/

sounds like a nice lazy weekend :)

Prairie Jill said...

Oh yes, sewing the ends in as you go is a great idea! I love those colours.

Waving back at you.

Miriam said...

Waving to you on Tuesday and hoping you have a good trip to London. Bucket list? intriguing!!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Lovely photos. Have wonderful week, sweetie!

Love and hugs

Lady Ella said...

Thanks for the explanation! [Nods wisely and hopes you'll assume she knows exactly what it all means!] ;o)