Monday, April 27, 2015

Me on Monday


A sure sign of how differently I now view photo taking when I picked up the vase of tulips to hold it against a bare wall to ensure there was nothing distracting in the background – and I’ve been thinking about re arranging things so I can have the vase in a spot with a plain background (!)

I had a quiet weekend after a busy end of the week with the younger generation. 

My nephew returned from 6 months in Mexico so lots to catch up from him and his girlfriend (who was in Scotland but I haven’t seen for months).

My cousin’s daughter was in Edinburgh for an open day at the University and general checking our of the city – we all told her it is a fabulous place to live and it made me feel old describing my student days here – 30+ years ago.

Then the sad news of the devastating earthquake in Nepal had me looking through my photos from 2009 when I was there for some workshops. Disasters in places I recognise always seem that bit worse as i can imagine the place and people who I have met having to deal with it all. So strange to think that no-one can now see the old buildings in the centre of Kathmandu


Wishing you all a good week


Sian said...

The earthquake has done such terrible damage..sometimes you just wonder "why?" don't you?

Yes! Another vote for Edinburgh here (we have another one looking at university possibilities and it's on the list. Again.)

Have a great week enjoying those tulips

Miriam said...

The earthquake, as Sian said "why?" I love your comment about flowers and blank walls.