Monday, April 6, 2015

me on Monday

a big Easter wave to everyone


as I enjoy a first outing for my new red shoes now that we have spring weather and I might finally pack away my winter boots until autumn  (my skin is not ‘luminous Scottish white’ from the lack of sun – I’m wearing white socks!).

This weekend also saw the start of the Edinburgh Science Festival with a science themed food market where I

* took part in a taste test between wild and cultivated cabbage – the wild tastes stronger

* ate primordial soup – containing all 9 amino acids (although I realised I eat 5 every lunch because I have peanut butter)

* ate a mealworm falafel (it tasted nutty)

* tried 3 textures of beetroot being demonstrated by a molecular chef (foam, caviar and jelly)

* learnt that too little sugar in cake hinders rising and too much tends to give a lava like top

Today I embarked on the 100 day project – the idea is to do the same creative thing every day for 100 days and to share the results on instagram. I decided to play with pixel magic each day, starting from a photo – I haven’t been doing this recently and I used to really enjoy both the process and results.

This is also my first foray into the world of instagram – I’m using the tag #100daysofpixelmagic if you want to follow – here is my first piece created this morning


why not join in – it started today but late starters are welcome.


Sian said...

100 days? That sounds like a great project. Best of luck with it.

I love your red shoes. A very cheerful start to the week. Hope it's a good one!

Maggie said...

So why are your grape hyacinths so much better than mine? They are beautiful although mine are improving. Interesting food facts. I like your pixelmagic photo too.

Eileen T said...

Ooo, red shoes ... I like them very much.

Now you know what I'm like with new challenges, you shouldn't tempt me. But much as I like the sound of this one the sensible part of my brain is saying 'no' - it's concerts and exams from now until school finishes for the summer so I simply don't have the time. Good luck with it though and I'll check in at Instagram to see how you are getting on.

alexa said...

Great pixel picture - very atmospheric ... and your red shoes are very cheering. hoping they set the tone for the week ahead!

Karen said...

That pixel magic photo is stunning! I'd need a tutorial, but I'll be looking for yours.

Prairie Jill said...

Waving back to you and your lovely red shoes!

Love the sound of your 100 days project. I'll look for you on Instagram (I'm @prairiejill ... and I'm an Instagram addict! I love it.)

Alison said...

Love the shoes....and your comment about the White sin made me laugh! Xx

Miriam said...

Waving on Wednesday and have red shoe envy now! I just ordered some turquoisey (!) ones. A 100 day challenge sounds fun. I will look for you & the challenge. I am ikebana_banana on IG