Monday, December 22, 2014

winter scavenger hunt finds

I’m joining in with Joy’s winter photo scavenger hunt, keeping a particular eye out for items that are time bound such as

a nativity (number 20) – I found several examples, in different styles at the European market in town


and festive lights (number 9) – my local high street has decorative lights and round the corner the trees along the river are festooned with lights


I’ve also managed two that are not festivity related

a silhouette (number 12) with the low light behind one of the hills in town


and breakfast (number 4) as we enjoyed a big breakfast when we went to the garden centre / shopping outing for poinsettia and hyacinth bulbs


I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a letter shape in nature (10) and street musicians (19) who are not surrounded by a crowd but haven’t seen one yet

I’m enjoying this list, plenty of time to join in as we have until March 21st to complete the hunt, you can find the list on Joy’s or Eileen’s blog.


Sian said...

That silhouette looks like part of a beautiful nativity scene

Prairie Jill said...

Great finds! And that breakfast looks really good, too.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm thinking of having a go at this. Will need to check on the time sensitive ones.

Eileen T said...

That breakfast looks so so good and I love your silhouette image.

Thanks for joining in with the scavenger hunt.

karen said...

Great selection, that breakfast looks really good. Happy New Year. :)

Sandie said...

Great finds Helena. I started to tick the list but didn't find a nativity scene and when a virus took hold that was the end of that idea!
The breakfast looks good and I enjoyed seeing your other photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful silhouette one and boy that breakfast one is making me hungry!