Friday, December 5, 2014

5 in 5 and winter hunt reflection

joining Sandie for her monthly suggestion to take photos for 5 minutes and share your favourite 5 and I used the new winter scavenger hunt organised by Joy to pick the topic – 1st on the list is ‘reflection in water’ and my daily walk by the river provides great opportunities for reflections with the low light at this time of year.


I love the reflections in shallow parts of the river which provide a contrast of pebbles with reflections of the bare trees and the bridge


and I always enjoy trying to capture reflections of the birds – much easier when they are standing still than when in flight


Thanks to Sandie and Joy for these photographic memes


Sian said...

The reflection in that last photo looks as if it is carved out of wood. It's lovely.

Maggie said...

Super reflections. That's one off the list done!

Anonymous said...

Love the bird reflection one. You're not wasting any time it looks like getting started on the hunt.

Sandie said...

A great idea to complete two challenges at the same time!
I'd never thought about the low light improving reflections. There is some benefit then and I love reflections so I will have to take more advantage of this time of year.
Thank you for joining in again Helena, as always your photos are inspiring and a pleasure to see.

Jane said...

beautiful photos

Karen said...

Lovely! The reflection of the bird in the water is especially wonderful.

Prairie Jill said...

Love those reflections!