Wednesday, July 30, 2014

zoom out at rugby 7s

at the weekend I had time off from volunteering with the Commonwealth Games to be a spectator at the rugby 7s - a fantastic 2 days of competition, enthusiastic crowds, big cheers to encourage the under dogs, crowd singing, amazing athleticism and stamina, some close matches (and some annihilations), the first loss for New Zealand in 4 sets of competition (beaten by South Africa in the finals) and  excruciating 4th place for the team I'm working with - Samoa - so they missed out on the medals.

Here is the Samoan team in a team talk and zooming out on the stadium (usually used for football / soccer)

I'm way behind in visiting blogs and commenting but look forward to seeing what you share this week when I settle down for my catch up
[don't know why linky not appearing - have updated several times - hope it comes right durign the day, in the meantime please copy your link into your comment]


Miriam said...

Hello Helena, Great ZIZO, the colours are beautiful! Every day I see some of the games and think of you hoping you are having fun. I have a ZIZO post this week (hooray!) I know you are busy but you may not know that the link isn't up. x

Sandie said...

What a wonderful experience to be part of the Commonwealth Games Helena, I hope you are enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes life and that includes visiting blogs has to wait - the Commonwealth Games is too good an opportunity to miss!

Julie Kirk said...

The linky's working now :-)

I heard someone on Radio4's Woman's Hour yesterday mentioning all the female volunteers who are making the games a success and thought to myself - I know one of them! Sounds like you're really into the swing of things - and dedicated too - to be spending your time off there as well!


Anonymous said...

It must be so exciting to be part of the games. Too bad about the 4th place for the Samoan team..
Lovely zoom in zoom the bright blue colour of the jerseys.

Ruth said...

Fabulous pairing, I love the contrast!

Sian said...

We were glued to this! It's fun to know you were right there

Prairie Jill said...

What a fun ZIZO! Glad you're finding some time to be a spectator as well as working.

Jimjams said...

I'm way behind too - but glad to see another Games ZIZO from you. Glad that you got to spectate as well as help (and especially glad that you got to see "your" team compete!
I'm really looking forward to reading your Games experiences in full soon.

Anonymous said...

So glad you actually got some time to enjoy the games as a spectator and great zizo - love the colour difference in them.