Monday, July 7, 2014

numbers of note in June

thanks to Julie for the monthly invite to reflect on the past months through counts and numbers.

I had a busy month and here are some of the more countable aspects


I enjoyed a ‘speed crafting’ event where we spent 20 minutes on each of 5 crafts – tangle doodling, icing roses, decorating pegs, tissue flower, and blackwork embroidery.  We were in groups of 8 and moved around the 5 tables which were set up with materials and instructions.  A fun way to craft and try out different things.


I was busy with my crochet hook – I didn’t feel as if I had a hook in my hand all the time but when I put together the collage it looks like I did.  I made 50 small animals (spiders, birds and aliens) ready for a craft sale in September to raise fund for my crafting for charity group; made 2 ducks that my nephew asked for to release to raise awareness of being on donor registers;  completed 20 squares to be sent to South Africa; and made a summery string of bunting for myself.

I read 5 e-books, 4 of which were set in the past – in 1260s – 90s, 1840s and 1940s


I tried out the new tram with 3 journeys and managed to capture a photo of 2 trams travelling towards each other. 

I made 2 trips to Glasgow for training as volunteer in the Commonwealth Games, including to see the village but we are not allowed to share photos of that yet (it will no doubt dominate my July numbers).


I saw 103 swans on one day on the river – they congregate because there is lots of food and it is safe while they moult.  Also saw a big nursery raft of eider ducks – I counted over 40 chicks in one group.  And spotted this mother goosander with 6 chicks hitching a ride on her back. 


I enjoyed 1 lunch at a Michelin star restaurant (Kitchin) where we had the set lunch which consisted of 3 courses that we chose and 3 that they delivered. The crudités and blue cheese dip in the photo was the first that we were surprised with.  The other photo was the dessert I chose – elderflower panna cotta with gooseberry consommé and biscotti with gooseberry jelly dots – all delicious.

Thanks again to Julie for the invitation to record our month in numbers and provide a place to share the links.


Maria Ontiveros said...

103 swans has to be my favorite number is a long time! I haven't sat down to do my June numbers; may end up taking a pass on it this month.

Sian said...

You must be one seriously speedy crochet-er! I am so impressed by all that hookery.

And I like the sound of the speed crafting event

debs14 said...

I like the sound of that speed crafting!
We didn't get to Kitchen when we visited our son last month, but we did go to his gastropub The Scran and Scallie which was lovely.
You are certainly a prolific crocheter!

alexa said...

I love your shot of the ducks! I am impressed by your speed crafting and your crocheting - not to mention the Commonwealth Games volunteering. A month rich in experience!

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, what a wonderful month! I don't know which is my favourite: the speed-crafting event; the swans; the food; the crocheted animals. I love them all!

Jimjams said...

Sounds like an interesting and filled month - 103 (!) swans - however did you count them?

Melissa Stebbins said...

Wow, you are a whizz with the crochet hook! I look forward to hearing all about the games next month.