Friday, December 13, 2013

Look where next?

Every Wednesday this year I’ve posted a pair of photos looking up and looking down.  I’ve enjoyed the weekly focus which has made me think differently about what I photograph.

I’ve enjoyed immensely seeing blogfriends join is with this accidental meme.

Only 2 more Wednesdays this year and Rinda asked if I had ideas for next year. 

Well yes I do.  I wanted to continue with a pair and an easy to remember, flexible approach.  I have 2 ideas


the 1st is to have a zoomed in shot and then to stand in the same place and remove the zoom to show the bigger picture


and provide some context to the image.  I think this would be easy and provide some interesting context

My 2nd idea is to take a photo and then turn right around and take a photo of what was behind you – again easy to do and it provides some interesting context



interesting how the colour changes just from turning around.



and in this case showing the less picturesque riverbank  which I rarely capture


The 2 ideas share an interest in providing context, so perhaps they would work together as alternate methods in one meme.

what do your think?  as ideas to use?  as pairs of photos to see weekly?

and I need a catchy name – any suggestions?  look around?  photo in place?  capture the context? 


Sian said...

I really like the turning round idea. You could get some intriguing views that way

Miriam said...

...and I like Capture the Context. It is not something I do often as I would choose one or the other. I really love the idea of Context. I think you would get fed up with pictures of the side of my house! I'm smiling of the thought of "It's behind you!" though.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I just did week 50? for the Look up, Look down(I am a late starter!!).
I would love to do the 2014 me, and turning around idea would be interesting...

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Both are fantastic ideas, Helena, and I'd have a tough time choosing between the two. Combined with the up/down meme, I think that the three give some great direction for photo ops!

Prairie Jill said...

Hmm, I really like them both! Seeing the broad scene and what people choose to shoot is fascinating. I think your idea of using them as alternate methods under one "In Context" meme would work well.

Anonymous said...

They're both really great ideas and I'm finding it hard to pick one. Whatever one you pick this year I'll try & keep up with it.

alexa said...

I think both of these are great, and I love Rinda's Look Behind You! suggestion too.

Melissa said...

Both are great idea - my favorite is the capture the context with the upclose & zoomed out shots.

Maria Ontiveros said...

First, thanks so much for hosting this meme. I have really, really enjoyed it and can't believe I've stuck with it all year.
I think I like the "What's that behind you?" meme because so many of the photos I take are with my iphone, and I'm not sure how easy it would be to do the zoom in thing.
But I'll happily play along with you.And maybe it would be best to commit to taking photos with my real camera at least once a week!

Amy said...

Hi Helena - both ideas are good but I like the catch phrase 'zoom in/zoom out' - looking forward to seeing what you come up with for 2014!