Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Look up Look down during a nice break

For my penultimate pair I’ve captured a lovely break in the middle of visits to the dressing-up, cake decoration and craft supply shops.


and rather surprised that it took me until week 51 to think of including a selfie in the up shot!  I have included hands, feet, shadows and reflections but never a real selfie. 

This cafe has great coffee and a nice busy buzz with people working on laptops and having work meetings, as well as reading and chatting.  I enjoy the stripped back architectural feel with bare concrete and bricks and re-used school tables and chairs  (for those of you with family in Edinburgh its the Brew Lab, near the uni)

and in other news – I posed earlier this year about applying to be a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year and I just received my invitation to join the commonwealth association team which provides support and assistance to the team oraganisations – that’s all I know for now.  Orientation training is in March


debs14 said...

My son is living in Edinburgh for two years and he loves that coffee shop! We went there with him when we went to visit last year so I know exactly where you are talking about!

Miriam said...

What a great penultimate pair Helena. Can't believe its week 51!

Anonymous said...

What a great pair Helena! Congrats on becoming a Commonwealth Games volunteer.

Sian said...

We're off to the airport this afternoon, so it won't be long before I can ask! It certainly looks like they make a pretty cup of coffee

Sian said...

ps..meant to say - great news about the Games. There'll be some interesting blog posts in that

Prairie Jill said...

Lovely pair of images! That coffee looks wonderful.
Congratulations on being invited to volunteer at the Games. That should be fun! I look forward to reading about it here on your blog.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I did some feet selfies but never a look up selfie. I love shots like this which capture every day life.