Friday, December 27, 2013

Look Up Look down on Christmas Day

Hard to believe this is the last of my weekly look up and look down pair


with the angel on the top of my parents’ tree and the stockings waiting to be opened

A year ago when I was thinking about a weekly photo pair I thought that looking up and down would be interesting and a useful exercise in being more aware of all angles.  I do notice myself looking up and down more often and thinking about different angles for photos.

I was delighted when my initial post was met with enthusiasm and comments that others would join in and I’ve had great pleasure from the up and down posts I’ve seen from the other regulars and the occasional players.  Thank you one and all.

For next year I’ve decided to go for zoom in and zoom out and welcome others who want to play along too, either weekly or when the mood takes them.

I think with will be fun when the difference is a matter on moving the camera nearer / further away; or using zoom to full extent; or creating a zoom on the computer.  I’ve also been thinking about situations when I’d start with the zoom and then show context for contrast and other situations when I’d start with the big picture and then choose something to focus on.

I’ll be posting my first Zoom in Zoom out on Wednesday the 1st, and hope that some of you join in too


Anonymous said...

A perfect set for this week! Some mighty healthy looking stockings there. Next year's them sounds interesting. I'll try my best to participate on a more regular basis.

Melissa said...

A great pair to end the UP & DOWN year! Looking forward to seeing your zoom in/zoom out photos . . . and hoping to join in a few times this year, too!

Alison said...

What a perfect pairing ffor this week......I have enjoyed looking up and down (though I know I lapsed towards the end!!) and will try and join in next year too!
Alison xx

Sian said...

A lovely end to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable year of photographs. I'm looking forward to the next one now

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a festive pair! I'll definitely play along with the zoom in<zoom out meme for 2014.

Starnitesky said...

A perfect festive pair. I have enjoyed joining you this year although my blogging has been sporadic lately. I will be playing along with Zoom In Zoom Out for 2014. Happy New Year Helena.

Barbara (starnitsky)

Prairie Jill said...

Lovely final pair! (And I agree with the comment above - those are some very healthy-looking stockings!)

Love the new challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with. (And I might join in from time to time, too!)

marsha said...

Zoom In Zoom out sounds like fun to me!
Happy New Year!

scrappyjacky said...

A perfect final pair.

Karen said...

Zoom in, Zoom out sounds like a great meme. I've enjoyed others' Look Up, Look Down, and I'll be joining in this year. Thanks for hosting it!