Monday, July 15, 2013

inspired to record my digi timeline

I’m taking Ali Edward’s ‘Hello Story’ class which offers a story structure each week.  First up was using a timeline as the basis and I was inspired to create a layout about my digital use history – I’ve had several conversations touching on this recently.  I had great fun finding all the icons and looking up some of the dates. 


Being at a University meant that I had access to many new aspects early because they were often used on campus before they were generaly available. 

Have you recorded your history with all things digital?  or social media?


Amy said...

Absolutely LOVE this Helena - wow, you have put that together extremely well!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very cool. Great background color, choice of icons and sense of movement.

Miriam said...

Amy took the words straight from my mouth! it is fantastic Helena and I want one! but I have said NO MORE until the end of July....

alexa said...

Wow, this is just stunning! What a great subject to timeline. You could be designing pages in magazines!