Friday, July 26, 2013

Colourful encore sunrise

6 weeks of Summer of Colour and then its over for another year, except this year Rinda suggested an encore and chose


and so I had fun playing with words to paint a picture for another week.

My first thought was sunset but then the phrase ‘its a new day’ came into my mind and I thought sunrise.

I was interested in the idea of sunrise as a time marker


I liked this but also wanted to try something with fewer words


again I liked it but wanted a more defined horizon


I liked this one too but decided to try a less flat look


and I liked this one as well but thought I could marry the textures background with the mass or words I used in the first one


I really enjoyed the process of creating several variants on my original idea over several days.  With digital creation it is all too easy to keep tinkering with one image but in this process I started again each time and did not save the layered details of each – when it was at a point that I was happy I flattened and saved so that I could not go back to tinker. 

Thanks to Rinda for prompting the encore and looking forward to seeing what others do with these colours.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love what you did. I think it's one if my favorites. Also, thank you for introducing me to Summer of Color and the idea of making a set of something over the course of the summer. I really loved this project

alexa said...

Really interesting to see the changes you have rung here. So rich in colour and texture.

Miriam said...

You are so good at these, I love them. I like number 3 best but I like the way you put the words in the sun on number 5. Mine won't be ready 'till Sunday now as I have been poorly today, better now, just calling on en route to bed xx

Gail said...

How interesting to see the changes from your first one to your last one. I've got two favourites - the first one as a matter of fact and the second last one.