Monday, January 7, 2013

exploring ‘paper camera’

My nephew introduced me to a new picture app – paper camera – and I’ve been playing with it on my new mini tablet.


There are 13 effects which you use to take the picture.  The various sketch-esque ones seem to work best when there are strong shapes


And, not surprisingly, several work much better when there is good light.


I haven’t printed any yet and will be interested to see how these samples print up.  I suspect they will work best when kept small.

This app costs £1.19 which I think is well worth it for the range of effects.  It is easy to use and does allow some control on contrast, brightness and lines.  It’s available for android and apple.

Anyone else been using it?  any other image effects you’d recommend?


Sian said...

ooh, that's an interesting one. I really like the Domestic Corner ones - a little Charles Rennie Mackintosh look going on there maybe?

Miriam said...

These look great Helena, no I haven't got this one although my boy is looking to get me to use my phone' other than for phone calls mum'
It would be interesting to see them printed. I have been printing some pictures on to matt, lightly textured card. (6 x 4) I love the effect, particularly with strong lines & shapes. Oh! now I will have to look at this more.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! That looks interesting.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What an interesting app. It will be really interesting to see what you do with it.