Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December done and dusted

And for the twelfth time I bring you a numerical summary of the month just gone – thanks to Julie for the idea and connection point.


Looking forward to continuing these summaries in 2013 and thinking about doing some record keeping of more obscure numbers for some months – see how it goes.

Reading over before I press ‘publish’ I looked at my title and wondered if I should change it as I think that ‘done and dusted’ is a Scottish ?  UK?  phrase – is it a phrase with which you are familiar (formality to avoid ending sentence with a preposition!).


Elizabeth said...

I have heard Done and Dusted and consider it to be apt in most situations when you are finished with a project or whatever. I, too, am going to keep count of my numbers this year--should be interesting.

Miriam said...

Yes, Done & Dusted is familiar to me. I for one (actually many of us according to blog comments) am thrilled to be ending 2012 and 'starting over'. Is that an American phrase?

Miriam said...

ps Love your numbers...

Julie Kirk said...

Yep we do 'done + dusted' here too [if only everything here literally was though ...] ;-)

As usual it's always fu to see how many beds you met in the previous month [sounds a bit cheeky - but you know what I mean!]

Thanks for keeping me company for a whole year! And I'll look forward to spotting the obscure numbers in future.

You're on the board now:

Many thanks for my Christmas card and best wishes for 2013 Helena.

Julie :-)

Jimjams said...

Great numbers you've collected there - and I know done and dusted (but then my maternal grandparents were Scottish, so perhaps that doesn't prove a thing?).