Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Project Life–linking smaller photos


One of the techniques I’m liking for my Project Life album at the moment is having a title go across two photos in the 3 x 4 slots.  Particularly if I have several photos of the same thing – in this case two examples of our twice-daily workshop energizers. Or the next with two of the workshop posters. [Sorry about the poor photo quality with the light showing – no good daylight today].


I create the 3 x 4 photos in PSE by placing two onto a 4 x 6 canvas so adding the title across the two is easy – and then I cut the photos apart after I print them.  For these examples I added a background shape to make the words easier to read and to accentuate the strip across the 2 photos.

In this next one I used the white frame around the photos for the title that crossed across both


And last week I got carried away and have this waiting to print


3 photos to show that we had 3 days of beautiful, unseasonal weather.  The banner is from Katie Pertiet and I lengthened it to reach across all 3.  The hand written words are from Ali Edwards – I removed the segment I wanted from the square frames and then lined them up so the pen line seems to continue from one to the next.

This one I’m having to print on two 4 x 6 photos. 

While I’m at home near my paper supplies I must remember to try this using stickers too.


alexa said...

This is very cleverly and stylishly done. :)

Ginger said...

Helena I love this banner you have used on the one you haven't printed yet! it will look lovely in your album. I'm really enjoying adding the words to my photos - something I would not do with regular layouts.

Carrie Rosalind said...

That is great! I will have to keep this trick in mind for mine going forward. Thanks for sharing! :)