Monday, April 23, 2012

leap into spring with blossom

Continuing with the photo challenge over on Project Alicia where the prompt for this week is blossom.  There is plenty of beautiful blossom on the trees on my regular riverside walk but my problem has been in capturing the gorgeousness in pixels.

First there is the problem of too much light and not enough contrast when using the sky as the background.


Lowering perspective and taking the flowers against the background of other blooms or the branches doesn’t work either – too busy


So I started hunting for blossoms growing in front of some better backgrounds.  This grey wall provided nice contrast


and I liked the doorway


but then I saw this against the yellow wall and it just popped. 


Now how do I go about ensuring more flowers grow in front of yellow walls??


alicia said...

lol about the yellow wall! It's gorgeous by the way! I actually thought you had added that backdrop with canvas digitally, which can actually be done. :) This is much more authentic and lovely. Great find! Thanks so much for taking part in our Leap into Spring Challenge!

Sian said...

I'm just getting to that point of realising how important backgrounds are when I take pictures, so I did enjoy your thoughts on this and your examples. That yellow wall is fantastic!

Alison said...

Have had to retake quite a few 'flower' pics for that very reason this week Helena..unfortunately there were no yellow walls to the rescue!
Alison xx

alexa said...

That yellow wall photo is perfect! I have lots of photos which I thought were going to be great but which fall into the category of your second photo. Taking note here. :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

LOL! I just photographed some apple blossoms in the backyard and really struggled with getting the right focus.