Wednesday, April 25, 2012

first days of my week in life project


















I’m pleased with how the template is working and enjoying thinking about images to fit into the different shapes.  Decided to add prices where I can because they seem to change more than other details !

Originally i had thought that the bottom space on both pages would be for journaling about the day but halfway through Monday decided that I didn’t want to do that and instead will use one for details of one aspect of the day – Monday my radio and TV choices.



I was looking through my Week in Life album from 2010 and funnily enough one of the photos was of me watching The Big Bang Theory – which I had recently discovered – so I chose it for the photo of my TV.

I received my postal vote for the local council elections so included this unusual event as well as the routine components of my day.

I’m finding the photo planning easier by having some standard items – meals, weather and a bit of me – I hope to continue these all week.


Alison said...

I do like the format you're using...hope the weather improves as the week goes on!
Alison xx

Sian said...

I really like the idea of detailing one aspect of each day. That's going to be great to look back on

Maria Ontiveros said...

I like your template and the things you're including. Right now I'm just taking my pictures and journaling on my blog. I'll figure out a format when I get them back from the printer.

Ginger said...

Helena when I saw your post this morning you gave me inspiration as the first day I kind of bombed! I had more enthusiasm yesterday (after seeing Ali's post) and then seeing what you have come up with helps. I like that you are picking the similar items each day and I think I'm going to try a bit of that in the days to come :)

Amy said...

This is looking fantastic Helena, I love the template too! I also really like the streetscape photos - quite inspiring!