Thursday, February 23, 2012

glimpses of Bangladesh - rickshaws

The roads in Dhaka are madly busy and if there are any road rules I don’t understand them.  As far as I can tell, if you are ahead then you have right of way.  Horns sound all the time and there are often jams.

I’m being driven around in a nice big fourwheel drive and don’t have to contend with the traffic.  But walking around is a different matter, especially crossing side streets when you need 360 degree vision!

Alongside the cars the roads are filled with old battered and very over crowded buses; with small 3 wheel motorised taxis (I’ll get a photo and post later) and lots of bicycle rickshaws.


My hotel room looks down onto a main road which rickshaws are allowed to use.  The rickshaws are all painted in bright colours and decorated on the backs, mostly with flower designs. 

I did take a rickshaw ride the last time I was here and found them very uncomfortable – perched on a hard seat with little suspension over all the potholes and bumps.  I was amazed at the skill of the drivers as they weave around other road users.


Lizzie said...

These are great photos - I love the "viewed from above" perspective and the painted hood and body of the rickshaw in the bottom-left picture.
How exciting to be somewhere so different from home, with such a mixed up and crazy traffic system (which still works)!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Isn't it amazing that there aren't more casualties? Whenever I see scenes like this (on TV, of course) I'm always in awe at how they can make their way through. How cool that you are experiencing this first hand!

Alison said...

Don't think I'd feel very safe in one of these...but they do look very pretty!
Alison xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Great photos. I've watched my folks video of traffic in Mumbai & cannot imagine how there are not more accidents

Miriam said...

It looks pretty chaotic, but what a great sight to see. I love those painted rickshaws.