Monday, February 27, 2012

glimpses of Bangladesh – Mr Baker

At the weekend I ventured out to some local food shops.  There are several eating places in my hotel but I like to visit the local shops and to have some snacks in my room.

Near my hotel is a smart looking baker.


They had savoury rolls and pies (far right in counter) and I bought a chicken roll and a samosa.

They have many decorated cakes (far left in counter and there is another full counter of them) which Bangladeshi would buy for desert for guests or a special family dinner.

In the middle are various small biscuits – you can see my half kilo of them in the bottom right photo.  These are served every time you are given a cup of coffee or tea.  I will take some of these into the office.

The men in the shop (there was a fifth one and a security guard on the door) laughed when I asked to take their photo. 

Bangladeshi laugh a lot which is one of the reasons I find it comfortable being here.  One of the doormen at the hotel said I was ‘a lady of humour’ when I was joking with them on my return to the hotel last week.  I’m fine with that.


Maria Ontiveros said...

"A Lady of Humour" sounds like a great title for a book you could write about all your travels - or maybe just the title for your scrapbook with all these fabulous layouts.

Alison said...

How nice to be known as 'A Lady of Humour'...I am in total agreement with Rinda!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

Yes, a great way to be referred too! Much better than 'the memory lady' which is what I am fondly referred too!
I am so enjoying looking at your glimpses of Bangladesh Helena.

Lizzie said...

A "Lady of Humour", eh? A bit like "Lady of Leisure" but with more enthusiasm for life? Love it!

A great little bakery - I bet they are busy too, with all that yummy stuff. The biscuits look so tasty and tempting... I may have to come to Bangladesh, just for the food! And the laughter as well :-)

I love these little themed photo-posts that you do; these Bangladesh ones are such fun. Thanks for sharing your trip - it's nearly as good as going away myself.

alexa said...

I love the photo and the design of his box! So amazing to get to see inside your current world and to learn about the people along with you. Love your new title!

Carrie Rosalind said...

Hi Helena - I've just spent a while browsing through all of your Bangledesh pictures and stories and I love them! So interesting to hear about your travels and that part of the world. I love that they're so happy and that they call you "a lady of humor!" :)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I can totally see why they would find you to be humorous. And I mean that in a very good way! The baked goods look yummy, and it's so fun to see the sites you are seeing!