Thursday, November 10, 2011

NY through my camera


An eclectic mix of images that together made up my 9 days in the city. Some are events that I happened upon and some are sites we see on the TV all the time.  I love the range of templates in the Focus Biograffiti album set that I am using for this photobook of my travels.

Top left going clockwise: 

taxis on Times Square – there are masses of them but never an empty one when you need one! 

there were a lot of mounted police around the financial area because of the protests – these 3 are outside Lehman brothers and seemed to sit all day rather than moving around

fabulous views from Battery Park at the bottom of the island – skyline is how I think of the city

Red M&M on a massive electronic billboard in Times Square – do they really make that much from chocolates?

The wall street protestors

Show hoardings in Time Square.  I went to see Mama Mia which was fabulous – such energy and fun

In a subway station – efficient and functional and utilitarian

One of the 9/11 memorials – this one a damaged statue now in Battery Park

One of the flags on the scaffolding around ground zero

Flags fly everywhere – something I really noticed as being different from the UK

Pizza by the slice – v yum and so many choices.


For the title page of the set of 4 for NY, I followed the same pattern as the Nepal set and featured the workshop, including me in action explaining something.  I have filled the bottom box with a summary but I did not include it here as it includes details of the participants and facilitators. 

I’m liking this format for the city summaries.  Next up will be Istanbul.


Lizzie said...

Wow, you certainly travel a lot for your work!
This photo collage format is such a fab way to remember your various trips. I love how you are catching the essence of the city and its life/places/people. Don't forget the journalling (even if it's just your blog pages printed out and stuck on the back) - one day you may not remember all the little details.
Istanbul... lucky you!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Yay! Fun photos of NYC, Helena. Carrie and I saw "Mama Mia" and "Wicked" while we were in New York. And I'm glad to see a slice of pizza in the mix! :o)

shirley said...

Wonderful collection of travel photos. I like the look of the collage, too. I would love to travel to NYC....

Miriam said...

Your pages are wonderful and the layouts perfect for them. Can't wait to see Istanbul X