Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look up


New York has to be portrayed in tall, thin images – its the shape of Manhattan. 

Walking around the financial area where I was staying and attending the workshop there are many tall buildings and we did have to bend our necks back to see the sky.  I had forgotten how many amazing art deco buildings there are in the city alongside the mirror glass that we see so much of now. I loved the contrast of architectural styles.

Top row – looking along the street my hotel is in; view from the 21st floor of the office block – with and without snow; glass and brick

Bottom row – Empire State building; the ubiquitous metal fire escapes on brick buildings; Liberty from Battery Park; Times Square as the natural light fades.

More of my NY pages tomorrow.


Lizzie said...

Oh yes, this does so sum up the idea of New York City! I saw those fire escapes and immediately knew it was New York (I'm sure they have them elsewhere but...). And the Empire State Building, and Statue of Liberty...and glass & brick... Yes, a great collage of images.
I am glad you are enjoying your stay in New York - and finding time to take a few photos and see some things, rather than just being at work all the time.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Loving both this and the Halloween post. So cool to see New York through your eyes.

Sian said...

Very effective photography indeed. I think I need to look up more often - even if I'm nowhere near New York

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Aren't the building in NYC spectacular? I loved the architechture there! Looks like you are getting some great photos. I hope you're having an amazing time. Have you had any pizza yet?

Ginger said...

you are right in your presentation of how NYC should be portrayed! Love your photos Helena :)

Alison said...

Great NYC pics Helena...there's nowhere else quite like it!
Alison xx

Miriam said...

Brilliant template to show your photos Helena, the pictures are just gorgeous.