Monday, November 21, 2011

Istanbul–I believe

Last week I had my third work trip to a big city for a workshop.  I know that I was in Istanbul but the suburb and our hotel could have been in any large city.  There were lots of tall apartment blocks, busy roads, lots of cafes (including Starbucks) and some corner shops selling basic supplies.  There was a school and yellow taxis and buses crammed full of people.

One clue that this was Turkey was the flag flying in the school playground.  And form my bedroom window on the 16th floor, in the distance I could see the shape of large domes and turrets of the large mosque on the hill in the middle of town. 


Unfortunately I did not have any free time on this trip so did not get into the middle of town to see the bazaar or historic sights.

So I decided to have just 2 pages for Istanbul in the photo book I’m creating with some Biograffiti templates.


I haven’t shown the text because it has details of the people at the workshop.

I included some photos taken from the plane on my flight back as they show the snow capped mountains and a glorious sunset.

That’s it for my trips this year but I will continue this album next year as I’m likely to be running workshop in more big cities.


Sian said...

Another fascinating set of pictures. One day I'll get to Istanbul. One day..

Ginger said...

wonderful photos Helena. Istanbul seems like such an exotic place in my mind... you have confirmed it is a place i would love to see.