Monday, March 28, 2011

My 70s

Do you remember the music of the 1970s?  or have you only heard it as re-makes and retro?

I was at school during the 70s and my musical tastes changed a lot over the decade – but then so did the music making it into the charts.  On sunday afternoon BBC Radio 2 has programme dedicated to music from the 1970s and a feature where a listener talks about their memories of the decade and picks some music to play. 

Yesterday I was the listener talking about My 70s.  You can listen on BBC iplayer until next Sunday – my bit starts at 27 minutes and lasts about 5 mins, so you don’t have to listen to the whole programme.  And for those of you who cannot access BBC IPlayer this is the track I chose as my favourite.

And this is me during the 1970s – with my sister, my dog and a friend’s toddler



WendyB said...

Love the photos Helena, I can't get the radio show to work at the moment but I will try again later. Love you choice of track, I've not heard that for years.

furrypig said...

wow I know someone famous from the radio!! You have a really lovely voice! I cannot remember some of the music you mention although I was alive throughout the 70's, loved the range Hill theme tune, I do remember the Bay City Rollers and I also really liked Elvis Costello. I thinkmy music of the 70's would be summed up by saying the Osmonds and David Cassidy!!!

Lorraine said...

This is great! Wow what memories. I got into the punk phase too. Did you listen to John Peel on the radio in the evening. Now that is going back.
Thanks for stopping by Lorraine BFS

humel said...

Oh wow - I'm so glad I managed to catch up here before Sunday! I shall click through right now! xx

humel said...

That was really fun :-) So lovely to hear your voice! Yay, I know a celebrity... ;-)