Saturday, March 5, 2011

Detail page in February

Each month I’m using one page for details on one thing.  This month I decided to highlight my kitchen, seeing as it is finally all installed, functioning and unpacked.


The walls are 2 shades of orange and the floor is called cinnamon.  The flooring is the dimpled rubber flooring that is used a lot in shops and office because it is hard wearing.  I also liked the range of colours available and that the material is sustainable.

I have evolved storage system based upon having everything in boxes so that things don’t get lost at the back of the shelf (they get lost at the bottom of the box instead!). 

The two bottom left shots remind me of a fun layout I did when I was still in Wellington – ‘what’s behind the door? – i photographed several fo the doors in my house and then opened the door and took a photo.  I will find it and do a new one for this house.


humel said...

You know I love details! ;-) And I love the 'behind the door' idea, too - thanks for that, I shall tuck that away for consideration.

Sian said...

I love that rubber floor! Five years after we moved in, I'm still sorry I didn't put some of it somewhere in our house. Very cool stuff.

And thanks for the youtube link - I've been playing it this morning as I enjoy a bit of blog reading. Perfect.