Sunday, March 27, 2011

March self-portrait

I decided that I should include all of me in this month’s self-portrait because February is just my face and January my head and arms.  I have taken several successful self-portraits with my tripod and timer walking towards the camera so I did this on my walk beside the beach this morning. I walk most days so I like to have some photos where I am walking, and it makes it less posed. 


I have in the past taken some good self-portraits walking away from the camera – this one was in 2009 on a beach in New Zealand – I may well do this for one of the self-portraits later in the year


Have you taken any self portraits walking towards or away from the camera?


Sian said...

No I haven't, but I love the idea having seen the great results you've got!

furrypig said...

you are so lucky living near the beach... great pics too. i don't take many pics of me I am so unphotogenic and really do not ike many pics of me!

humel said...

Good for you! No, I haven't - but like Sian, I now feel inspired to do so! :-)