Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Little Word–images

My word for 2011 is RHYTHM – in terms of seasons, routines, patterns.  One of the few things that I miss from my days as an academic is the pattern to the year, the changes from month to month in terms of teaching, examining and research.  Having moved hemisphere and changed job and settled down after a year of travelling around, I need to establish some new patterns. 

When I was unpacking my scrapping stuff I found a note I’d written at a Stacy Julian class I attended in NZ in 2008 – ‘ rhythm and routine enables rather than shackles; it provides the structure for doing what you want; remember all houses are built in the same order – don’t waste time thinking of the order in which to do things’. 

I’ve joined the Ali Edwards year long class related to one little word at Big Picture and the task for February is to take 9 images related to your word – literal and/or figurative.  Here is what I have taken in week one:


waves – regular and recurring pattern of movement

brick wall – regular and recurring structure – and relates to the Stacy idea about houses




dancing – this is from a poster for footloose

a weather vane (texture applied) for activities relating to context and knowing what the context is




arched bridge over river – regular, repeated shape gives strength.  Also ‘water under the bridge’ and ‘river always flowing’

tide out at the beach and also the regular pattern in the wooden structure


Trying to describe visual metaphor is hard, I just realised.

I also intend to have photos of spring flowers to indicate seasons and also a symmetrical, intricate pattern when I come across one in a stained glass window or some such decoration.  I’m also keeping a lookout for other dancing images.  I want more than 9 so that I can select a good range at the end of the month for my album.

Any other suggestions?

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humel said...

This is such an interesting challenge :-) I'm not doing the class, but of course one way I'm 'living' my one little word of details is to photograph details every day through 2011 anyway!! Are there any shots you could take that relate to the rhythm of your day? xx