Saturday, February 26, 2011

feb self-portrait @ arms length

I’m including a self-portrait each month in my 2011 album but hadn’t taken one for February yet.  So when I saw mentions of tips on arms length self-portraits  I followed the links.  The post is full of great tips and ideas for the popular method of holding the camera at arms length and clicking.  I’ve used this method myself with mixed results so was keen on some idea.  There are lots of different ideas in the post but I latched on to 2 of them to try out.  I often find I do this – alight on two or three ideas from the many on offer because its too much to take them all on board to try.

First, use the light from a window, especially in the morning because it provides a sympathetic light for skin.  Its a nice sunny day today so I tried this out.  Leaning my arm and camera against the window had the added advantage of keeping it stable, something that I’ve found problematic in the past.  I did some looking straight at camera and some to the side, with the camera held in one hand.  One consequence of this approach that I liked was that the background tends to be dark, so less worry about what is behind me in the room.

The other tip I absorbed was to crop the photo tight onto the face, and to straighten it is necessary.  I also tried a few photoshop actions on the portraits but in the end left them as they came from the camera – the light from the window is gentle and warm.

I took 36, kept 22 and here are my 4 favourites – I haven’t decided which to use in my monthly album. 


the stitch frame is from Karen at Design House Digital


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tutorial on taking great self-portraits. I'm going to have to practice facial expressions. Mine always look like I've been drinking--heavily!

Anonymous said...

The first one is best by far. I love the light, the crop and your eyes look good squinting from the sun! Great job!

Ashley Sisk said...

You've done a great job with the tips. I also like the way the light is hitting you in the first picture.

Sian said...

You have a really lovely smile :) It looks like I need to check out these tips. Thanks Helena

Anonymous said...

Your glasses are so rad!
And look at that little sassy-pout in that last picture - you've got some attitude! ;)

Lizzie said...

I also like the first photo - and the third too. But you took 36 photos and kept 22? Really? Maybe its a left-over from "film camera" days, but I rarely take more than 6-10 shots of a subject... and I'm not sure I could cope with taking 36 photos of myself!!
These four are great shots. I am grateful for the tips you've passed on, as my self-portrait attempts have been a very mixed bag. I will try these things and see how I get on (but I still don't know if I can take 36 shots, hee hee!)
Thanks for sharing and I love the four portraits!

humel said...

Oh, fabulous! Great shots :-) And thanks for the link, I shall follow it with interest xx