Sunday, February 20, 2011


I’m slowly unpacking all of my craft supplies from their boxes.  I was pleased to find this in one of the boxes last week.


I made the 6 letters in 2007 for fun and to remind me to take time to be creative.  I now have them on the wall by my crafting area and am adding more ‘create’ words in different styles

Each letter is about 12cm high.  I used a different crafty medium for each letter – reflecting what I was doing in 2007

The C is seedbeads threaded onto wire which is wound around a wire frame. I really like this kind of bead sculpting to create hangings

R is papermache.  The R is recessed and made from tissue within a purple ‘tile’ made from normal paper.  I must do some more papermache as I like the process and using up scrap paper

E is crocheted using multihued wool – fun to use crochet for something so sculptural

A use scrapbooking techniques and a photo of purple feathers – I had only been scrapbooking for about 6 months at that time

T has a bead embroidery top bar and 3 bead dangles.  I find bead embroidery very soothing to do - it easier to thread small beads onto a needle than you would think

E is polymer clay canes.  I love what polymer clay artists can do with the stuff but never managed the control of the clay needed for the detailed designs.  i don’t do it anymore and gave away my equipment when I was packing up to leave NZ.




Are there any crafty mediums that you no longer pursue?


Sian said...

Cross stitch! I haven't cross stitched in years, and I used to really enjoy it. I have added a little cross stitched heart to a layout a couple of times though, and the thread is coming in very handy for tying on buttons

Lizzie said...

I used to do lots of cross-stitch too. I made samplers for friends when their babies were born - I'm still working on the sampler for my BF's 3rd "baby", who is now 10 years old. I recently took it out of hiding and put it by my bed, in the hopes that I'll do a stitch or 3 when I'm lounging in bed with nothing better to do!

I love your 6 letters - very "creat"-ive! Are you going to make some new ones - maybe another inspirational word?

humel said...

Oh, these are lovely! What a fab idea - I feel all inspired!

I'm an ex-cross-stitcher too; I find papercrafts so much quicker and more satisfying, so as soon as I got into my cardmaking and scrapbooking, cross-stitch went onto a back burner and there it remains!