Friday, December 31, 2010

photo a day weeks 51 & 52

Weather and Christmas, predictably, dominate.


1. No real snow despite forecasts of heavy snowfall and blizzards elsewhere in the country

2. Bird decals in my bathroom (silver)

3. Snowed all day

4. Mother Goose panto at the local theatre – oh yes it was

5. Snowy vistas

6. Floor down in living room and table in place

7. Shadow of me and the car waiting to rendezvous for drive to family Christmas



1. Making mince pies – Christmas eve tradition

2. Stocking all lined up waiting for everyone to gather for brunch

3. The book pile – a Boxing Day tradition

4. Christmas jigsaw

5. Provisions for going back home – apples, ham, Christmas cake, crystallised ginger

6. My new IPOD speakers

7. In the torchlight procession in Edinburgh, part of Hogmanay celebrations, 20 000 people


Deb said...

Helena ~ I have really enjoyed seeing your photos this past year! It's been a very fun way to have a little glimpse of the exciting life you live. I'm in awe of all of your travels! I've also loved seeing your new loft turn from an empty space into a lovely home. (LOVE those bird decals in your bathroom!!!) All the best to you in the new year! xo

humel said...

I love your decals, too! They're gorgeous :-) And yes, it's quite right that Christmassy shots dominate - lovely shots they are, too xx