Saturday, December 18, 2010

photo a day week 50

Only 2 more weeks (plus one day), hard to believe.  Already planning next year – not photo a day.  A combination of some different forms of creating a monthly photo record, still deciding on the final format.


1. A window seat over the wing for my flight back to UK

2. Evidence of snow on flight into Edinburgh

3. Santas at the German Market

4. Greetings on my front door – 2 decorations from the supermarket, hope to make a wreath for next year

5. Christmas cards arrive

6. Lights in the high street

7. Spending a lot of time on my computer


humel said...

I know, doesn't it make you much more aware of how time passes over the year? I've been thinking about how to ring the changes next year myself - watch this space!

I love how your photos have told the story of your year, it's been such fun to be along for the ride xx

Sian said...

I was just about to ask if you were making it back to the UK for Christmas - now I see that you are :)

Elizabeth said...

I admire the way you've stuck to taking a photo a day. Next year, I am committing to a monthly layout. I think I can stick to that.