Monday, December 20, 2010

knowing when to flash

So many fun photographic opportunities this time of year.  Bokeh is one of my favourites – or at least trying to make it happen.  At an office christmas party recently I spent a lot of time playing with my camera taking photos of the lights. 

dec-9-(50)  dec-9-(28)

I know to turn off the flash and to put my point and click on ‘flower’ mode (portrait didn’t work) and to use a tripod, or in this case sit the camera on the table.

I also had fun experimenting with moving my camera to get light paths.


Again with the flash off but here the trick is to set the timer and then move the camera around.  All rather hit and miss but I got some fun images that will be great in digicollage.

The other photographic challenge I enjoy is taking photos of snow – snow falling.


This time the trick is to have the flash turned on.  I’ve only used this technique when it is dark (given it is only light from 8.30am to 4pm this is not a problem). 

With all those lovely light images I had to play with some collage backgrounds.

lights-montage-1  lights-montage-3


Liberty :) said...

Really love helena! i am hoping to master bokeh this year havent had time to play just yet though!

Sian said...

All these techniques I really need to take time to learn properly - you look like you've been having some fun. Thanks for the link in your comment yesterday - I'm a big India Knight fan, but I hadn't seen that piece.

humel said...

Lovely, lovely shots! I had a go with bokeh last Christmas but somehow haven't had a chance this year - and now I'm getting a new camera for Christmas it feels like it's worth waiting till then so I can 'learn' the tricks with those settings! But I hope I can get fab effects like this :-)

Lizzie said...

Wonderful! I didn't realise that I need my flash to get good snowflake photos - that explains a lot. Thanks!
Those are lovely shots and I like what you have done with the collage effects.

Denise said...

Hello,I've just found you via Lizzie's blog, love the effects you've got on your photos :-)