Monday, May 9, 2016

Memorandum Monday spring

lots of lovely fruit blossom around - it all seems to have suddenly appeared over the last week.

we have not had the fabulous sunshine that seems to have graced much of southern England lately - fog coming in off the sea comes with living on the East Coast.  But it did clear and the sun came out on Sunday afternoon such that I had my first eat outside ice-cream of the year - it felt like half the local population was doing the same from the length of the queue and the scarcity of an empty bench.

I had 2 scoops in a tub - Turkish delight and coconut and both were delicious.

Even though the weather is improving, I'm still making animal hats for family - make one and everyone wants one!  There are pipe cleaners in the ears so they will stay upright 

wishing you all a good week and sending a big wave


Karen said...

That hat is adorable! When we were in Istanbul there were so many flavors of Turkish Delight, that it makes me wonder what flavor your ice cream had.

Ruth said...

That's a great hat!

Sian said...

I'm not surprised everyone wants a hat! It's very cute..and extremely useful for that wind coming off the sea..

I think I'd like TUrkish Delight ice cream very much. Have a good week and fingers crossed there's another icecream at the end of it

debs14 said...

Let's hope this nice weather gets to you eventually and there is more ice cream to be enjoyed.
What a fun hat!

Patio Postcards said...

Like the hat a lot. Oh ice cream - perfect any time, but yes you do need a spot to sit & really savour. Turkish Delight chocolate bars are popular here.

Maggie said...

I love that hat! Bring on the Turkish Delight ice cream but you can keep the coconut!

Lady Ella said...

Great hat! I was thinking of crocheting a hat for my newest little friend ... need to search some feasible but cute patterns.

Miriam said...

Ha Ha! get ahead, get a hat! and what a hat that is. I love it. x the cherry blossom is beautiful isn't it? Paul & I had ice cream at the weekend too. He found me a coffee flavoured one, my favourite. Hope you're having a good week x