Monday, November 24, 2014

me on Monday

at my computer Monday morning drinking coffee from my new mug, reading e-mail and blogs and processing my photos from the weekend


it was another rugby watching, crocheting and Connie the cat stroking kind of Saturday (and I was delighted that both of ‘my nations’ won). 


Sunday was a winter fair and market visiting, low sun in the eye and lens avoiding, hot dog eating, strictly come dancing enjoying type of day


waving to blogland at the start of another week (and an extra wave to Sian for this lovely meme) and hoping you all have a good week


Maggie said...

Hot dogs smell good! Did you have a skate?

Sian said...

waving back! (and saying..the Welsh were robbed lol) Have a great week!

Alison said...

Great pictures...have a good week! Xx

Prairie Jill said...

Looks like another wonderful weekend!
PS I love your mug!

Miriam said...

What a lovely post Helena and yes I like the mug! said...

Some very festive photos there ... Is that a skating rink? That blue knitting (crocheting?) is a lovely shade.

Anonymous said...

Some very nice fall pictures there! Like the new mug.